Sangeetha Veg Restaurant Android Mobile Application

Android Mobile Application  for Sangeetha Veg Restaurant,

Anyone who has enjoyed the joy of traditional South Indian cuisine in Sangeetha Vegetarian restaurant will always long for the mouth-watering idlis, crispy vadas, crunchy dosas with sizzling hot filter coffee to start the day of…

This will certainly carry one through till lunch, when steaming hot rice, sambar, kootu, avail, poriyal & a lip smacking payasam or kheer will make it hard to go back and work after the feast in the Veg restaurants in Hounslow

Evenings would hardly be complete without onion bajji, bonda & pakodas with hot coffee & tea…

Welcome to the world of enticing South Indian Flavours, the Perfect Taste Point “Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant”.

Enjoy our wide range of cuisine from hot steaming Idlys, scrumptious Thali meals, Tandoori Kebabs, Sizzling Chinese food to our traditional Chettinad items.

South Indian Food itself has huge medicinal values and some ingredients are used in Ayurveda treatments. The Indian cuisine is vast and differs from place to place. It is said that the same dish in India changes every 20 kms, such is the diversity of our rich culture.

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