CF Production

CF Production

Mr. Charles Finny who brings your life’s big moments and little things alive forever. With my camera in hand, I become a magician, dropping my magic potion into each still. The essence and spirit of the subject is my workshop. Unpredictability is the prime brainchild of my camera. Animation, action or joy, its shutter speed can be your best pal. Be it the stillness of the moment, the intensity of emotions or the graveness portrayed, its heart beats along. My camera lives, it lives to bring you all your life, back from places time cannot travel. Together we work wonders through the magic of light, colors and depth. The true soul of the subject is my goal which is captured with patience and time. Person or place, you connect with them in a surrealistic way through my photographs.

So do you want to time travel to those enchanting details or inconspicuous split seconds personally dear to your heart? Well, my camera can capture them this instant and make them your priceless possession tomorrow.

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